Pressure Cleaning on The Islands of Savannah Georgia | Battery Point

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Chatham Property Maintenance provides professional pressure cleaning services to residents of the Battery Point neighborhood on The Islands of Savannah, Georgia.  We pressure cleaned a total of nine residential homes in the the Battery Point community.

The Task of Cleaning the Rental Properties

We had a few factors when it came to providing professional pressure cleaning services for this property manager.

  1. For this pressure cleaning project we needed to provide our own water.  All properties where currently rented, but needed to be cleaned.
  2. All properties where cleaned the same day this created less work for the property manager, they where able to do a bulk mailing.  Notifying residents of the scheduled pressure cleaning service.

The Solution to the Property Managers Need

Chatham Property Maintenance has the ability to accommodate almost all request when it pertains to pressure cleaning.  Whether its water or time, whatever you think your pressure cleaning problem is we have the solution.

  1. To solve problem with water, we loaded our water tanks with approximately 500 gallons of water.  This is where it gets tricky 500 gallons of water is not very much to pressure clean nine houses.  So this is when we put our softwashing equipment to use which allows us to pressure clean with about 1/4 the amount of water it would take with our pressure cleaners.
Water Tanks

Water Tanks Loaded on Truck

  1. With not having the need to refill our water containers we where able to stay on the job and get all nine properties completed.  We can clean approximately 15 homes per day with just one of our pressure cleaning setups depending on location.

If you are a property manager or a homeowner in need of pressure cleaning, roof cleaning, softwashing and other exterior cleaning services give us a call or text 912-988-3832