Commercial Graffiti Removal

Graffiti Removal Savannah Georgia – Do not Paint Over It Have It Removed

912clean.com offers commercial graffiti removal from all surfaces and structures located in and around the Savannah area.  Savannah has a fairly large problem with graffiti tags being placed on the sides of commercial building especially in the downtown areas.  We understand the problem and the poor representation graffiti tags presents to your clients, even when your potential clients know you did not do the tags yourself.

Our Solution to Commercial Graffiti Removal

Below is a video demonstration of 912clean.com graffiti removal process.  We cleaned over 50 different areas on this project similar to the one depicted in the video.  Do not paint over graffiti give us a call  at 912-373-7722 to have it professionaly removed.

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Commercial Graffiti Removal