Soft Washing VS Pressure Cleaning

soft washing vs pressure cleaning
What is the Difference?  Soft Washing Vs Pressure Cleaning Since 2009 Chatham Property Maintenance has been involved in the Savannah pressure cleaning industry.  We have worked to put ourselves in the mix as one of the best pressure cleaning companies in Savannah and surrounding areas.  The pressure cleaning industry involves such a vast variety of

Savannah Low Pressure Roof Cleaning

Chatham Property Maintenance Savannah low pressure roof cleaning experts.  Since 2009 Chatham Property Maintenance has invested countless ours in training to perfect our low pressure roof cleaning process.  Throughout Savannah we see roofs covered in Algae, Moss and Lichen.  When we started offering our power washing services we also wanted to perfect a no damage way

Savannah Realtors: Improve Curb Appeal

Improve curb appeal With the housing market back on the rise Savannah Realtors improve your curb appeal.  Homes are selling faster than you can put them on the market.  Some Savannah Realtors still strive to separate themselves from other realtors.  Making sure the buyer and seller have a great experience which will help keep buyers
It is no secret that your roof can safely be cleaned! We get a few calls a year in which a roofing contractor has told a client not to clean their shingle roofs.  Why would a roofing contractor tell a homeowner not to do preventive maintenance to prevent premature failure of the roofing system is beyond me.